We practice the trades for which we are made.

STC offers, under its name, various skills And multidisciplinary in various fields of design and maintenance of business applications.

Accurate and timely response to the needs and expectations of our clients Personalized support, is the primary objective that mobilizes partners and collaborators of STC Corporation.

Our global knowledge of the functioning of companies in Cameroon and abroad offer a range Services to entrepreneurs that cover both financial and tax advice, Legal advice and specialized services in the field of ICT.

We have developed many relationships with the economic promotion agencies to benefit Our customers. The advantages offered by these dynamic agencies and the services offered by STC enable it to be among the leaders In the digital transformation of enterprises. So STC is committed to its clients and who better than the latter can attest to the qualities and competencies Of our employees and associates.


  • Promote Skill Enhancement which is one of the most effective ways to increase your productivity;
  • STC's training councils focus on developing strategies and Structure of the organization as a foundation for the steady and systematic increase in productivity, And a higher return on investment in IT ;
  • Promote Continuous improvement of skills through performance support systems Manage change and increase employee confidence;
  • Help you have qualified staff who make better decisions, The company to gain flexibility and increase its competitive advantage;
  • In today's environment, you should observe the entire infrastructure and IT installations and applications, And effectively plan, build and manage infrastructure to improve efficiency, agility and continuity operational. STC will help you deliver on these promises with the experience of our data center experts.