Simplify your IT infrastructure management.

Our IT infrastructure software is used to ensure that people and systems in a company can To be as efficient as possible in business processes, information sharing and Contacts with customers and partners. These software dynamically detect the relationships between resources, and Facilitate the coordination of activities throughout the enterprise. The IT infrastructure can also be configured To automatically inform users of best practices and discoveries that affect them, depending on their activity In progress and without having to launch a search.

For over one year, STC has been providing innovative enterprise infrastructure solutions that Complete and reusable architecture, enabling easy integration of new enterprise systems with IT in place. The STC infrastructure provides exceptional value over the long term. Its range of software, very complete, Will meet future integration needs with minimal costs, delays and disruptions to the user experience. Better yet, when you Assemble new solutions with STC, you are not locked by your choices.

STC integration solutions combine openness and plug & play design, accelerating project implementation And reduces costs by up to 80%, compared to integration based on special programming. Saving in maintenance Is also notable because applications interact with the standardized STC integration architecture rather than Hard-coded links to back-office systems. STC adapters today represent the best Added value they mask the complexity of the entire IT environment, so that the implementation of new Initiatives builds on the applications in place and is done much faster than you expected.


  • Adapters (Data Adapters, Application Adapters);
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA, Oriented Architecture Services, SOA and EAI, SOA and Java, SOA Adapters)
  • Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence Software, Business Intelligence Solution);
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM, CPM, Performance Management);
  • IT Infrastructure.