Our industries

STC has long and focused practices in all of our core industries, providing clients with a partner that is not only expert in IT, but expert in their industries. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients transform how they operate and engage with digital customers and citizens.

Banking and financial markets

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Retail and consumer services

Increasing customer expectations, globalization, digitalization and consolidation, combined with challenging economic times are pressuring retail, wholesale, consumer packaged goods and consumer services organizations to rethink the way they do business. To better compete and win, companies must better understand and stay connected with their customers, reach new markets, create new revenue streams through product and service innovation, and reengineer the supply chain—all while driving cost reductions. Organizations are now focused on facilitating the convergence between the physical and digital worlds.
STC helps retail, wholesale, consumer packaged goods and consumer services organizations adapt and remain competitive through business and technology transformation. We build, implement and manage complex retail systems critical to success in today's rapidly changing marketplace. STC’s seamless omni-channel strategies improve the overall customer experience, enhance personalization and generate real-time offers, while our comprehensive services and solutions transform operations in areas such as analytics and business intelligence, mobile commerce, store systems, CRM, merchandise systems, digital, supply chain management, e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, and concept-to-consumer collaboration.


IP technology has increased competition to unprecedented levels: everything is now an application and the barriers of entry have dropped. Consequently, communications service providers (CSPs) need to reinvent themselves and their business models. They are focused on expanding their services into complementary markets, providing an omni-channel customer experience, and pursuing digital innovation to win customers in a highly competitive and regulated market.
To support these trends and priorities, STC helps CSPs successfully become next-generation providers by driving down costs while enabling revenue enhancements through the rapid introduction and scaling of new service portfolios. As we help CSPs evolve their ecosystems to support new partnerships and business models that generate new revenue streams and enable them to go to market faster, we also help with continuous modernization and integration to optimize their operational and business support systems. And, through our quality assurance and client satisfaction operating model, we ensure our clients' transformation is delivered through industry-leading on-time, on-budget project delivery.


Leading utilities are focused on moving to more customer-centric business models and achieving operational excellence. Advancing technologies, such as smart meters and grids, cloud computing, digital, data and predictive analytics, and social media, create opportunities to launch new products and services and deliver a more retail-like customer experience. At the same time, technology is a key enabler for driving operational improvements that
cut costs, generate competitive advantages, improve regulatory compliance, increase security, and drive the effective response to climate change and extreme weather. STC offers services and solutions across the utilities industry, including the electricity, downstream natural gas, and water and waste sectors. We have deep experience in both regulated and unregulated markets and have formed long-term client relationships with the world’s largest utilities. We partner with utilities to deliver innovative technologies that meet current and future requirements and help ensure long-term growth and success.


Economic uncertainty, globalization, volatile demand, increased customer expectations and greater government oversight are creating new and intense pressures for today's manufacturers. To compete and win, leading manufacturers are focused on reducing costs, improving operational agility and innovation, launching new services, and decreasing time to market. In addition, for the first time, social media and digital customer engagement are top of mind.
STC's extensive industry expertise and broad range of business and IT capabilities deliver the tailored strategies, technologies and processes manufacturers need to transform their operations to become industry leaders. We help manufacturers streamline and optimize their supply chains end to end, bringing in digital manufacturing solutions to drive agility and transform traditional B2B approaches into a B2B2C model.
The areas we cover include engineering, procurement, inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, marketing, sales and service, and more. From individual projects that target specific transformation programs to full IT outsourcing services, STC's manufacturing IT expertise and best-fit global delivery model allow clients to increase their innovation, competitiveness and profitability.