Young adults very fond of online entertainment services in Cameroon

Cameroon, 4 May 2017 - This new section of the STCtendances survey reveals that young Cameroonian adults between the ages of 18 and 24-year-olds are significantly more likely than the older ones to entertain themselves online. Young adults are 84% watching 70% of the web, more than one in two to listen to music continuously (53%) or to deposit Photos (52%) or videos on the Internet (24%). They are also more likely to pay for online content (47% Or download paid movies or series and 39% download paid music) than all other age groups Interviewed in this survey.

The survey also revealed that 18-24 users download more applications developed by STC (37% compared to 20% for all Cameroonian adults), whether on a smart phone or A digital tablet

Online Government, Cameroonians increasingly comfortable with online services

The young Afique unveils a new section of the survey STCtendances 2017 on the government online

Cameroon, January 25, 2017 - This new STCtendances survey brochure presents the habits and expectations of ameroonians when it comes to interacting over the Internet with the government according to their needs and according to their requests. Over the past year, 4 out of 10 Cameroonian adults (40%) say they have had the reflex to consult the Internet to obtain Information on the services provided by the government, in relation to other available channels of delivery.

In the same proportion, 45% of Cameroonian Internet users have already completed a service request Or an Internet-based approach. Finally, two-thirds of Internet users are of the opinion that it is easy to find information Which they search on the websites of the ministries and agencies of the Government of Cameroon.