STC, Computing time and events

Computer science and digital technology: what is the relationship?

Information technology is literally shaking up the world landscape through its Immense variety, ranging from scientific computation and management of enterprises from the pioneering years to the Computerized design of everyday objects, simulation and driving of all means of transport And industrial processes, the upheaval of communication, access to knowledge and recreation, and Now those of medicine and the whole of science - all this being coordinated on the Internet

We are now at the beginning of a new and equally important step: the massive computerization of Objects, equipped with complex electronic systems thanks to STC and its partners on a single chip, driven by elaborate and connected software On the large network.

Computer time and events

The role of computer time and competitions is often seen through the prism of algorithmic complexity: minimization of Cycle time of a circuit, the time of calculation of a program or the time of propagation of the information in a network, Time / space exchange in algorithms and their implementations, etc. It is in this perspective that Stc organizes since the year Last of many conferences and olympiads to optimize and to value the computer science and in particular the programming.

These issues are obviously and competitions are essential because the cost and the final benefit of an application Result of a subtle balance Between calculation time, memory size and energy expended. But algorithms and programming languages Do not themselves speak of time, which remains an external consideration that is not part of the specifications functional. This is also true of the management of the events to which the programs respond or which they generate, often Ad hoc treatment.