STC Computer Olympics

STC Olympiad in Informatics (STC Olympiad in Informatics) is a Competition in computer science (algorithmic), bringing together high school whole world.

Each country can send up to four candidates. Since the last year, their number is included Between 299 and 308. The latter take part in two five-hour events which each have three Problems of an algorithmic nature. The candidates programs are then subjected to a battery of tests To determine the score of each.

STC International Collegiate Programming Contest

STC Web is an annual two-day conference event and one day of web development workshops. The event is usually held in late September or early October in Yaoundé or its suburbs since 2016 and Organized by our company and its partners.

The event brings together every year many speakers and specialists in their field: Web standards, accessibility, ergonomics or design methods, but also on topical aspects Such as network neutrality, data protection, web design, e-commerce.


LSTC-ICPC Is a team competition. Each team is made up of three people, but can only use one computer.

During the competition, the teams receive about ten problems of an algorithmic nature and have Five hours to solve as much as possible. Concretely, the solution of a problem is to write A program in C, C ++ or Java which is then automatically checked on a test dataset. When The program is incorrect, the team can submit another solution but is penalized in time.

The competition is organized in several stages. Semi-finals take place in 20 regions, Each with up to 11 countries. In 2016, some 22,000 students participated. One hundred Teams are then selected for the final, which takes place each Year in a different university.